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Do Britney fans follow the 'Sonic Cycle'?


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So as some of you know I'm a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, hence where my username comes from. If you're not a fan, you probably haven't heard of the Sonic Cycle. So if that's the case, I introduce to you: 


I was just thinking, do Britney fans follow this same cycle? Maybe not just with albums, but with everything. Singles, Videos, Performances, etc. 

Lets take PG for example. Bits of the song leak, fans loved it! Stills from the video came out and everyone raves. Song is released and flops commercially and fans hate it, claiming they will never get their hopes up again. 

What do you think? Does exhale follow the cycle? Does the fact that songs/albums 'flop' on the chart have to do with why everyone ends up dragging them down the road. Everyone praised Glory when it first leaked, and 2 years later the response to it here is less than favorable I would say. 

Discuss! :janet:

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I don’t think flopping ruins the mood, I think it’s moreso matching Britney’s energy, especially when you look at other fanbases.

Like Beyonce comes back and her fans get new music, videos for every song, world tour. Rihanna, Gaga, Katy, Nicki, etc come back and fans get 4+ videos, tours, live streams and performances at awards shows even if the singles tank. I mean even Janet and Madonna still outpromo Britney. 

We always get hype for a new era and then everything is a soon abandoned mess.

I’m sure those fans you mention would have loved Glory more had Britney brought the album to life, done 4/5 visuals, a few behind the scenes Insta posts, perform new tracks instead of 15 year old songs, anything, but she didn’t. Especially since Britney has always been such a visual and performance-based artist. So the hype dies and the excitement dies because nothing is there for us to digest. 

“Well the music is good” does not work for Britney Spears and never will.

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