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For Once It Wasn't Britney's Team - AMF 2016 vids


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I saw Alicia Keys just posted the videos from her Apple Music Festival performance in 2016. So I'm assuming they were probably contractually not allowed to post the AMF to youtube until a certain date. For once, it wasn't Britney's team messing up.

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I still think that's something "automatic" like, I don't know what criteria they used to upload certain videos and why now, but I do think it wasn't Britney's team, but something more related to the record label. Many accounts from other artists that aren't that active, or at least not that I know, have been uploading stuff periodically. Westlife has been uploading like a million live videos from tours or stuff in the past months and I don't think they deliberately wanted to for a certain purpose.

Dido's channel has been uploading audio clips of the worst remixes ever of several of her singles, again, without any apparent purpose or benefit. Madonna's channel is the only one that's been doing something more useful, by uploading many of her music videos that weren't on YouTube before, but again it's something that happened out of nowhere and they're coming week by week, not all at once.

Who knows tbh, but I think the artists, including Britney, and their teams are responsible of the new stuff they put out, but I think when and how and which thing from their old stuff is uploaded to their YT channels, depends more of the record labels and whatever deal there is with VEVO and YouTube, rather than any plan the artist may have with their current career.

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