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It Looks Like Britney's Buzz Single Is Real And Will Be Released On...

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6 hours ago, Bxnes said:

Not being childish - you stated that Japan got the news first, which is of course false. 

No childish behaviour here, just facts.:flop:

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The only real facts we actually have at the moment... :yasqueen:



dont be stupid i repeat. there's no song tomorrow..  there you go your damn fact, :bwink:

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4 minutes ago, Goku said:

days ago i cried for the mariah collab. i feel soooo stupid now :cackling:

you guys just don't know when to give up I-,,,,:orangu:

Well I understand where you’re coming from! But new music IS coming. I mean Britney was on set... and trust me, I doubt gurl shot new POM backdrops. And there’s too much smoke... there has to be a fire! That’s always how it starts, with rumors and a buzz. :sassybrit: We just don’t know when exactly.

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