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Britney Jean > Blackout tbh

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I agree in a way.....

For me, 2007 was my senior year at school. I was a member of eFG forums (actually it had closed by then, so it was probably breatheheavy). Britney was a mess. Blackout deserves the credit it gets, cause musically it is a fantastic album. But the release was as turbulent as her life. Demos were leaking left right and centre.

I remember when the VMA’s were on, everyone was hyped! Britney would NEVER let us down at the VMA’s. It was gonna be amazing! One thing, at that time, that we always had over any other fan group was that no one could match Britney’s charisma, stage presence and dancing. Everyone was in complete shock when she opened the show with that performance (which in reflection, is probably better than a lot of current artists and the FF tour :jackk:). I’m not kidding when I say that even whilst the two hour show was on that Britney STILL wouldn’t let us down! We all thought that this was going to be the best performance that she ever had! “Insiders” told us (during the broadcast), that the opening was all a trick! That it was a joke because everyone had thought she would fail, because of how she was at the time. We believed that she would then CLOSE the VMA’s with an AMAZING Britney VMA history making performance! That we had been Punk’d and the performance was just messing with us......

When the Piece of Me video came out, we all thought YASSSSSS SHES BACK! Deluding ourselves into thinking that this was a great video, when in reality.....

ANYWAY, what that has to do with Blackout..... Every single morning before school I would check the forums and news. Every afternoon I would do the same, usually into the night. As did a lot of other people. We were all waiting for what we thought would be the outcome, that Britney was no longer with us. In Jan 08, initially media reported that she had overdosed in her bathroom and the boys were in there too. Thankfully it became clearer, when she was wheeled out, that she was alive. But I cried and cried. Here was the artist that I grew up with, that ushered me through my teen years, a kind and beautiful soul, had became this vacant shell. That soul, that special thing that made her special, was gone. And it was devastating.

Blackout is just like Britney at the time. Whilst there’s no doubts it was amazing and the production was flawless, but there was no hint of that Britney who we had grown to love. It was souless. I can never put my finger on it, but there’s just SOMETHING missing that all her previous records had. Trying to enjoy the record when her life was falling apart was hard.

Britney Jean was the first album, IMO of “Adultney”. She was no longer a girl, or in between, she was a woman. The album is personal if you look at it in a certain way. Work ***** had personality. It’s a very fitting song for her. Look at all the **** she’s had to endure in her adult life, and she worked ******** hard, and not only pulled herself back from the brink of death, but also restored her career in one of the biggest comebacks of all time. Most people would have packed up and gone AWOL becoming a recluse and living off royalties, but not Britney. Very few other artists can say that they have worked, *****, as hard as she has. Perfume was also the most adult track she ever done. This was a grown woman’s album, not a young woman who doesn’t know who she is.

Granted, it was rushed and poorly produced. Britney usually does one take of a song (chewing gum lol) and that’s it. Usually they have to be redone at a later date to perfect them. I honestly think they ran out of time due to Vegas and bought Myahs vocals to the front instead of foreground. Plus used tracks that probably weren’t originally planned to be included (remember she records a lot of tracks that don’t end up making it). When time ran out, they used the rough takes from the demos, blended in Myahs voice and quickly produced them. Alien, WB and Perfume were really the only tracks that sort of felt finished, and her label hyped Perfume sooooooo much. Everyone was convinced it would be Wrecking Ball 2.0.

If you’re still reading (sorry I get very emotional when it comes to Britney....) my overall issue is that Blackout, despite being a good record, instead fills me with dread. It’s a dark record and it brings back very dark memories to me. Everyone honestly thought that would be her last record, one way or another. By no means is BJ a great album, but it has life to it. It was the first record that she really talked about real stuff, rather than clubbing and *** as a young 20 something would. Britney seemed happy and looked amazing when it was released! The dancing in the WB video is what we had been missing since ITZ days.

Britney is a genuinely nice human being. She’s down to earth and not cocky about her achievements. She’s a strong woman. Every time I feel down, I know I can look to Britney for strength. I’m glad I Stan such a legend. I grew up with Britney. 

I know she doesn’t do anything really exciting these days (and seriously wtf was Pretty Girls....) BUT I’m just glad she’s still around to do anything at all. I’d rather pretend Blackout didn’t happen, cause I don’t want to be reminded of a time when she nearly wasn’t here.

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