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Britney Shows Off BAWDY In Miami

Jordan Miller

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56 minutes ago, Snesh! said:

Hon, quadriceps don't look like that when the leg is flexed :jlostare:

He’s obviously not flexing his leg? Have you lounged on a chair before?  Can someone explain to me how some airbrush app affected her child if it was intended for her? She’s not an idiot.

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4 hours ago, Goku said:

i dunno why she's so insecure about her body :crying2:

even her eyes look's good but she keeps using that sunglasses and bad makeup


OMFG... her iconic eyes are back!!!   First her lips/mouth area were starting to look normal again and now her eyes???  She must be letting all those fillers or whatever she did dissolve, because she's looking so amazing and natural lately!!  I'm just worried she's gonna get it all done again when it comes to promo time... please don't!  I MISS this look!!!

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