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Songs that should have been #1

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I was just listening to "Radar" and "If U Seek Amy" and holy **** those songs are pop perfection!

If they were second singles they would have more chances to be #1 I guess? or if they were Katy Perry or someone with a good team.

"I Wanna Go' and "Amnesia" too at least top 3 both pop perfection too.

WHY THAT **** WASN'T #1 :idgi:


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I Wanna Go was definitely one of the catchiest Britney singles this decade. It did reach #7 and it was her biggest radio hit ever at the time, though. Not bad for a 3rd single, compared to the previous two albums.

Gimme More should have definitely hit #1, that was also pop perfection. If that was released in 2009 or 2011 it would have been #1 for sure IMO.

Also I'm surprised that Toxic only reached #9 in the US. I guess the chart worked differently back then. Times have changed.

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Crazy! It's a PERFECT POP song, it's the song that turned me from casual fan to stan, I like it better than BOMT. 

OIDIA! It's ridic that song only got to number 9 (i think)- it's just so iconic. Stronger too, it's my fave song ever! Lucky should have made it to the top ten, I don't understand why it didn't, it was on the radio all time. 

I'm a Slave 4 U should have hit #1 too, it's so inconic and well remembered, but the entire Britney album got screwed on the charts in terms of singles because of clear channel. 

MATM, Toxic and Everytime should all have hit number 1! Everytime is also one of my all time faves, I know it's less likely because it's a ballad, but that's why it deserved number 1, the best Britney ballad. If youtube/vevo views had been around and counted towards the charts like they do now, I think all 3 of these would have gone to number one, definitely MATM and Toxic.

Gimme More, POM, and BTI ice all should have. 

Circus should have. IFSA should have made it to the top 10. 

TTWE and IWG should have. 

Work ***** and Make Me should have been at least top 10 hits. 

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(You Drive Me) Crazy

Oops!...I Did It Again

I'm A Slave 4 U

I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman



My Prerogative

Gimme More


Till The World Ends

I Wanna Go

Scream & Shout

Work *****

Make Me...

If Youtube/streaming was a thing during her prime years, she would have tons more #1's and top 10's. 

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Mine would be

I Wanna Go (has more views on YT than TTWE and as a preteen it was my f**king jam)

Toxic (her team's fault, it's like her most iconic song and literally everyone remembers it, if they don't think BOMT or Oops it's Toxic)

Gimme More (and basically every #1 single tbh, WB included but maybe not Make Me even tho I like it more)

Stronger (same as they said before, but I did actually think it was the second single of Oops for a while. Lucky seems so much like a late single even tho I love it)

Radar (should've been at least the third single from Blackout, even if it wouldn't have gone to #1, it was a waste of a single in Circus)

I really thought Oops and Crazy went #1, bc they are so popular and the gp still knows them and all. All of these are iconic and sort of surprising to me as a new fan that they didn't go #1. Bonus, Womanizer wasn't a #1 hit in my country, so I'm pissed off now.

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Slave (it definitely could have been #1, if not for that radio ban or whatever)

Toxic (same as above)

Gimme More (we almost got there!)

And I guess Oops/Stronger as well just because she was so big during that time. It's just crazy that in her 20 years of being one of the most popular singers in the world, she literally had only has three #1 hits on the Billboard 100... in comparison, Rihanna already has FOURTEEN in a lesser amount of time,  and Madonna had twelve after 20 years. :squintney:

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5 hours ago, armrunner1998 said:

Rihanna already has FOURTEEN in a lesser amount of time,  and Madonna had twelve after 20 years. :squintney:

Madonna got to one point where she could release whatever crap she wanted and it hit #1, like Justify My Love. Then she got cocky with Erotica and that whole thing kinda burned out until she went a bit more tame with Take a Bow. But by the late 90's she wasn't as prevalent anymore compared to Britney for example. Then not even her good stuff would hit #1 (Hung Up didn't get there in the US).

I think Britney fans look too much at the US when judging her hits. Many of her songs hit #1 in other countries, and even though pop divas are becoming a bit floppy nowadays in the US, in South America, Europe and other parts they're still as big as ever. Like MATM didn't hit the top 20 in the top 100 but it was almost universally a hit except there. Make Me hit the top 10 in a bunch of countries, having to compete with the music in those countries as well.

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May i question the importance of a 1# charted song? Toxic peaked at 9 and EVERYBODY knows it, it remains untouched as one of the best songs of all time (even the grammys couldnt argue against)

Having said that, i'm pretty sure songs nowadays that britney has put out that didnt reached such a high position on the billboard will still have a long lasting effect on people that will be only recognized over time :hibebe:

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