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The direction b10 should go in (pretty girls related)


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So now that I have your attention, I remember around the time pretty girls was released, people said that Britney wanted "when I rule the world" by LIZ. I know people had mixed opinions but I really think Britney should take inspiration from LIZ other songs. 



Tell me this doesn't sound like Britney. LIZ could be the next myah and provide some.. background vocals 


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17 hours ago, soscary said:

I want Pretty World to be released idc :hibebe: Clumsy, Liar and Pretty Girls are jams for life

Nnnnn that would be cringe. There's a very specific way to deliver cheesy songs, kind of like in an ironic/kitschy way. But britney and her team take it seriously and try and correlate it back to her old pop star persona :sassybrit:

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