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Your opinion about Britney and Justin as a couple

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I've never really care about Britney's boyfriends :cackling:

But I was seeing this beautiful couple's pictures and I'm speechless :tysm:

They were literally the best looking couple of those years ... She was so "Barbie" and he was so "Ken"  :yasqueen:

My doubt is though: were they a real couple or was it all staged? Yes, I know we'll never know it for sure, but I'm just curious of your views :mattafact:

Please, don't drag me writing things like "What!? You're dumb, they were real" or things like these because you should know that many things in the star system are actually staged for business :lemmetellu:




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I was very young by the time they dated, but from what I've seen in interviews both she and him talked about each other in such a loving way that they were really in love. This dating may have helped make Britney even more famous, but I believe it was genuine love because they already liked each other even when they had not even launched their career as musicians.

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I always felt like Justin was just using her for attention. He was gearing up to go solo by Nsyncs second album when all of the sudden all the attention was on him and he started to get full solo songs.

Nobody cared about him until he and britney went public. :lowkeyno:

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They were young and rich and famous and from similiar history so of course they hook up :lowkeyno: their relationship was just like any teenager relationship ever, it's not gonna last :unbothered: justin did a **** move when she used her for publicity with cry me a river and such so I'd say he was her worst bf and they should've just stayed friends instead. :sassybrit:

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I think they were really in love with each other. I don’t believe ppl’s idea that Britney was over him or didn’t think he was good enough. They bought a house together, she lost her virginity to (allegedly) him, met each other’s families, she said many times she wanted to marry him as he did her. And he stood up for her whenever his fans were rude to her. Whatever happened afterward and their nasty breakup, we’ll never know (I don’t believe cheating was the main issue just from the timeline of events) but I think what they had was as genuine as u could love someone that young. They both gushed about each other endlessly. I don’t think u can fake that. 

And I think many newer fans just don’t remember things accurately when it comes to them. ETA: Oh and to answer your question, I think they were a real couple. They were dating for at least a year before the public knew about it. And I remember them talking about how the label really didn't want them to date and them having to sneak around. So idk how it would have been a publicity stunt that they had to hide, especially since they already knew each other lol. 

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