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Advice for team Britney about her best album ever!

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Britneys next album should be sensational, original, and what is most importany - it should please everyone (Including Britney herself).

The Album title can be something like - "Me, Myself and I".

It should includes 3 different kind of songs:


1) "Me" topic should represent her Britney Spears image and includes the songs that inspire people about self-confident things. It can be fierce, fun, ****, edgy and everything Britney is the best in (that's what the most of the people think) the songs like: '"slave", "Toxis", thee hook up" , "radar", "Ooh Ooh Baby" but I really want lyrics to have some sense (even I like listening to "how i roll" sometimes - it has no f**king sense).  Also it can be provocative like "if u seek amy'' thing : ))


2) topic "Myself" should includes the songs that represent the views of Britney herself about the world. She's a legend. She can reach all of the world and teach them more that just "Work".. there are plenty of interviews where Britney is saying wise phrases about people, how they act and how they should, what instincts they  follow, war/peace, abusing/defending etc.. she have been so much in her life and she's really a warrior and I'm sure she can teach this cruel world hoe to be better! Britneys discography doesn't includes this kind of songs but there are seveal related like : "Rebellion", "Stronger", "Liar", "Mona lisa", "Work *****"


3) "I" - I think it's a the most delicious topic for her fans. The song about herself, her feelings. The songs that are really personal. Like Britney is doing interview and speaks about the things that she really feels (nos about food, gym and hawai). Maybe about her past, press, pressure, needs etc. It can even includes one song about her children (only one because fans hate songs like "my baby"). In second topic Britneys ideas could be written by other but on his topic most of the songs should write Britney I guess (and it could be better if here will be the songs that Brit already has written years ago but lable didn't wont them in albums or smth). This topic songs should includes songs lie " Overprotected", "piece of me", lucky", "My prerogative", "I'm not a girl.."what's like to be me", "everytime", "If u seek amy","why should i be sad" "I wanna go", "Alien" 



Each topic can have 12-15 tracks. each topic shoul release at lest 2 singles. 


It wouldn't be "lemonade" or something really rare but i will be different, original and really good thing to do. It would be worth to buy because it really needs hard work but she has all the musicians that adore working with her and I think she has plenty of material already what she wanted to share before but because of the album direction or something it was rejected but now she can put some in different topics :D


So make world music great again!

Pin the topic for Britney team to see it (or send sem info if u know somebody) If they will go with this kind of direction, they will make specal album, sure they will make changes and refine idea but who cares?! They should start to work hard. It's Britney f**kin spearss album!




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26 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

So it would be three separate albums? Or one super long album? 


Either way, I'm here for all them tracks :toocute:

One big album including 3 separate albums.. You can buy the whole one or Britney/wiseny/personalney one :angietea:

21 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Britney's team reading the fans suggestions 



and taking notes




that wont stop us from trying.. it's like 15 years they are doing NOTHING.. time to work.. 


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On 5/21/2018 at 11:51 PM, PokemonSpears said:

Isn't that what Britney Jean is? :idkney:

"Me" songs:

  • Body Ache
  • Tik Tik Boom



"Myself" songs:

  • Work *****
  • Til It's Gone
  • It Should Be Easy
  • Hold on Tight

"I" songs:

  • Don't Cry
  • Passenger
  • Brightest Morning Star
  • Chillin' With You
  • Alien
  • Now That I Found You

So personal :overwhelm:

Fixed! :hibebe:

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On 5/27/2018 at 3:56 PM, JKW said:

Me, myself and I?


...No. :holduplisten:

 it's concept.. Title isn't the thing I'm talking about. it can be called "Amy Jean Lisa"  if you know what i mean 

6 hours ago, BraveGraphics said:

I would be here for more personal, raw sound.

I'm kinda over pop dance craze ATM. However if the album was garage/dance. I would be here for it.


2 hours ago, Commotion said:

Guys I don't get it. Don't expect her to sing personal songs and stuff.

She's gonna sing pop songs about how she's there at the party and sees you, so she's gonna **** you because yeah why not

And I'm living for it

As I said.. in this kind of album would be Crazy pop dance music and personal ones too..



2 hours ago, Gogo Yubari said:


I repeat.. the title is not the main thing I'm talking about :jtum:

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On 5/26/2018 at 12:09 PM, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

B10 should be a double disc album. It’s about time she had an album with more than 12 tracks on the standard edition. Like for real. We do not need another 10 song set like BJ. Like for real, that was pitiful.  :awkblink:   :jackk:   :lowkeyno:


1) a Netflix special of from Louisiana to legend status, interviews, piece of me, and the future career moves

now we can add this tour, Britney shirts being sold at target and urban outfitters, kenzo , Pepsi’s can , and Grand Prix :) 

2) a double album called XX (X is Roman numeral for 10, XX is 20, XX is the woman chromosome). Disc 1: new stuff disc 2: remastered tour remixes / iconic performances 

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