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If you could delete an era, which on would you delete? (Game)

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2 minutes ago, Martini said:

is this even a question? Britney Jean :sofedup:


1 minute ago, soscary said:

Is this a f**king joke? 


I know this seems obvious but I thought about it and for me it's actually not Britney Jean, because personality-wise she was much more herself and came back to her old self than in FF era. 

In FF era she might have had some hits and good production but she wasn't feeling herself at all. She seemed so uncomfortable. 

For me its deff FF. 

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As many would immediately say: BJ, but no. 


Maybe I would choose the Circus era. Even though working on a new music project, focusing her attention on something else helped her to go through her personal problems I have always thought that she needed to take some time out of the hollywood zone, just as she said in FTR, go back to Louisiana, spend some time with her family and go back to the music scene when she actually WANTED to do it, not when others told her she MUST do it. 

Circus could have waited for 2009. Maybe that way, we would still have Primeney and Passionateney  here with us. :verycool:

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You mean with an album and stuff? Cause if not I would DELETE the whole X factor era. She was so stressed with the whole TV thing. Her psoriasis got worse and her nails were a mess all the time. I even think that her anxiety grew a lot in that ime. I really wish that never happened. In fact that's the main reason why she got all the work done on her face, I think that botox and other stuff was necessary but others like the lips surgery were not at all. And the styling was AWFUL. GP thought she looked 40 all the time because of her looks, ending the whole **** Britney image along with the FF era, another huge mess that should have never happened :rlynow:


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I hate to say it, but I’ll say FF. It kinda destroyed her image with the gp & other fan bases, which gave them ammunition to call her crazy & say that she couldn’t dance anymore. She might’ve had hits but her personality & her tv performances was tragic & don’t get me started on that abomination of a tour & the dvd that came with it 

:byebitch: I wish we could’ve went from circus to glory although I adore the ff album, but I’ll be willing to sacrifice 


Btw I consider xfactor apart of the FF era

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Part of me wants to say FF, because, well yeah.... 

But it gave us TTWE which is one of my favorite songs by Britney. So idk if I'd wanna erase that. 

BJ comes to mind, but it's supplied us with so many jokes, plus HOT and Alien are a couple of the best songs of her career imo. 


I cant pick :anxiety: I like them all. 

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Circus, because I feel anything post-2007 should have been handled better. Britney should have been given actual time to recover, etc etc. Plus, she may still have the Britney "swagger", but she just seems so absent sometimes in that era. (Not compared to FF, of course, but I also feel that Circus was the catalyst for everything else, so.)

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Femme Fatale....... it was a huge mess (music was great tho). BJ and Glory are out of the game as I wouldn't call those "eras". It was just POM promo. 

X Factor was also an abomination and destroyed her image with the GP. Worst career choice ever! 

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Britney Jean of course. You can say whatever you want obout FF era but it was the era she needed to stay relevant. At least we had really good music, good videos and a world tour. Her personality and dancing were off but that isn't a reason for me to ''delete'' it. Britney Jean ruined a part of her fanbase and she didn't even record it herself. I'm so proud of myself for surviving that ****.

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Honestly, I'm going to echo others on here and say she should have had time to recover. It's BS that they told her to keep performing to recover herself. They just wanted money. She should have been at home taking care of her babies and practicing her vocals/dancing while getting therapy for her addictions (including cigarettes).  BJ and Glory as I hate those albums .

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You'd have to be an idiot not to delete Britney Jean. It's her worst album, we had no live promo performances so it's not like we were missing anything there, and we could get rid of the POM show which she's been using for 5 f**king years. Glory could have been a proper era with it's own tour.

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People saying FF are nuts. FF gives her a legacy of hit singles beyond just one comeback era. FF was the biggest singles era of her career. Counting S&M, she placed four songs in the Top 10 in one year, including two #1s. She also dominated Pop Radio; each of the three major singles peaked at over 10,000 spins a week, which is enormous saturation, and I Wanna Go was  at one point the #1 song on US Radio. For those of us who followed her from the beginning, it was a f**king triumph for her to finally get the Hot 100 success she deserved. And for damn good reason, too; the songs are f**king great.

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