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Britney Pepsi Cans how to find them!

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So! I was on the hunt for days and days trying to find the Britney Pepsi cans and I finally found them.


Guess what, there was no artwork on the packaging that even labeled it as one of her cans! Makes me wonder if I was missing them this whole time! A store associate knew what cans I was looking for and found them instantly! 








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9 hours ago, Filippo said:

I want those cans so bad :canthandleit: 

What kind of satanic ritual should I do to receive them in Italy? tell me I'll do it

a blood sacrifice from you and a lock of hair from xtina 



8 hours ago, colormefresh said:

Her face is on the boxes I have. I guess it just varies depending on the factory nearest you. Either way you have to pop the handle and make sure she’s on the can because I ended up with Michael Jackson the first time and almost cut a ***** :lemmetellu:

her cans are BLUE while the others are silver! i almost got the MJ ones too lmao

9 hours ago, Dylanfromearth said:

They are in market packaging too! I just found one today, actually. The packaging says Generations and you can pop the tab to find Britney. I didn’t know they were in the plain cases too! 

yes i saw the special packaging and assumed it was a mix until i read the box..it makes me wonder how many plain boxes i passed up while looking for the new packaging 

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