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B10 Concept: PHOENIX

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I think B10 needs to be a mature concept album.

Britney is a Phoenix. She has come back from what could have been ashes. She’s such an inspiration to so many people. 

I also like the idea of the Roman numeral X in the album title.

I put together some ideas out of boredom that you can look at here: https://www.scribd.com/document/379609912/B10-Phoenix


I want her to have another career defining track and I feel some combination of Cher’s Believe, TTWE, and HIAM with great lyrics could be a smash.


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It has been 10 damn years. Stop talking like she is a war rescuee. She has been through hell like half of our world. Life is hard for all of us. Can't anymore with the pity speech.


She has to work HARD and deserve every single cent she gets from her fans. Couldn't care less about the name. If she actually sings, i will be satisfied.

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5 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

Personally I don’t like the name. It’s been a decade we need to let the breakdown go. Especially since this last decade has been a mess. 

I do want a concept album though 

I totally get that. I think for me, since I was going for an autobiographical concept the time doesn’t really matter much. This would be a deep documentary and insight into her whole life, not just the breakdown. Besides- she has never talked about it and it won’t really go away until she does. Most artists have to open up at some point to keep fans and the GP engaged and I’d like Britney to do it soon.


But I get that she probably won’t.... so yeah.

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