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Please add these songs Britney! eu tour

Guest ukfan

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Guest ukfan

At 24 years old and seeing Britney August 24th for the first time I can't wait!! 

However for her overall image I think it would be wise to consider removing 


Maybe freakshow and DYWCO

Simply because we've seen it already!!  

Instead incorporate other gems 

I would love,  invitation, love me down,  mood ring,  hold it against me,  inside out,  seal it with a kiss,  trip to your heart,  UNBROKEN ,criminal,  shattered glass,  blur,  if you seek Amy (remastered)  , hot as ice,  overprotected,  

Even a live rendition of one of her own song's.. out from under or quicksand 

She isn't under the same basic rules of VEGAS.. 

I want the GP to get to know more than the obvious hits,  hit me baby,  oops,  toxic, womaniser (keep womaniser!)  she's such a huge artist 

I want fresh songs, new performances,  but then I'm a die hard fan,  GP won't notice much difference but do it for the fans Britney!  your discography is incredible! 

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