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If you could rename her singles/songs, what would they be called?

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I was thinking back to the Blackout demo leaks and how a lot of the song titles were subsequently changed (e.g. We Can Do It --> Get Naked (I Got A Plan), Cold As Fire ---> Hot As Ice). It got me thinking, what would cool alternate titles for some of her biggest songs be?

BOMT ---> My Loneliness Is Killing Me

Sometimes ---> Time

(You Drive Me) Crazy ---> Up All Night

Born To Make You Happy ---> Without Your Love

FTBOMBH ---> You Were My Real Love

OIDIA ---> I'm Not That Innocent :flawless: (would've also been a cool title for the album!)

Lucky ---> Tears 

Stronger ---> My Loneliness Ain't Killing Me No More (so the connection to BOMT would be more clear)

DLMBTLTK ---> If You Love Me So

I'm A Slave 4 U ---> Not Tryin 2 Hide It (lol)

Overprotected ---> Can't Help The Way I Feel

INAGNYAW ---> In Between

MATM ---> In The Zone (what it should've been called all along :cackling:)

Toxic ---> Addicted

Everytime ---> Need You Baby

Gimme More ---> It's Britney ***** :bwink:

Piece Of Me ---> Miss American Dream

Break The Ice ---> Been A While (one of the leaked ones tho...)

Womanizer ---> U (this one was hard, she literally says Womanizer like 50 times)

Circus ---> All Eyes On Me

If U Seek Amy ----> F.U.C.K. Me :)

Radar ---> So Hot

3 ---> 180 Degrees

Hold It Against Me ---> Want Your Body Now

Till The World Ends ---> Keep On Dancin'

I Wanna Go ---> Release

Criminal ---> Love The Guy

Work ***** ---> You Better Work, *****

Perfume ---> I Hope

Make Me... ---> Ooh

Slumber Party ---> We Ain't Gonna Sleep Tonight

These are probably really bad but... what are your ideas?? 













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I always thought Ooh Ooh Baby should be called Fillin' Me Up. It's sexier and the original title is kinda awkward lol.

Mmm Papi is also kind of an awkward title. I would call it Papi Love You.

Also, some of her longer titles could have been shortened:
I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman = Not A Girl
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know = The Last To Know

These are just grammatically incorrect and it's always bothered me:
Everytime = Every Time
Freakshow = Freak Show

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