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Britney, Queen of Feminism in Argentina


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Just now, cheri said:

glad u agree she isn't even slightly feminist (and thank god anyways, thirdwave feminists are annoying CU.NTS) Image result for blink gif

perhaps u should read what people say carefully and u wouldnt be in this predicament.  Image result for blink gif

lilith did not say feminism = the exclusion of men. highlight where she said that. i will wait. Image result for blink gif

what her post clearly meant is that feminism = equality to the opposite ***. clearly in britney's case that is not evident even slightly, professionally and personally. thanks for playing sweetie Image result for blink gif

Image result for i feel very attacked

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Well, not queen of feminism, but the article talks more about how cruel the media and society were with Britney, and how nowadays with all the ideas of feminism or just pure empathy towards the "victims" in general, an interview like the one she had with Matt Lauer would've never even aired.

I think it's true she was a victim of the media that didn't have any rights to judge her and expose her like that, as if she owed us something, but it's also true she made her own mistakes, she took the wrong decisions and, at least at some point (before c-ship), she had the power to avoid most of her issues in a more smarter way had she grown in another environment, with a different education, with a different mentality. But then she wouldn't have become a popstar, most likely.

I think what's really wrong with this Britney situation is the way she was judged and hated, and how even today many people has a wrong perception of her, as a person, as a mother, and yet from a few years ago most of the people especially on the internet have become this social media warriors against the weak and bullied, and the female and fight against the classic beauty standards and such, but there is no like some sort of retroactive love and defense for what Britney went through in the past. It's like most people decided just to ignore and forget about it, or even worse they lowkey believe in Britney's case she somehow deserved the way she was treated.

At the end it seems not even Britney cares about it anymore, and she's just focused on her kids and her family, and thanks to the c-ship, or her father, or men or women, or whoever you want, she's gone in the right direction and she's in a much better place nowadays.

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