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Idea of B10 album name?


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13 hours ago, Jv31 said:

If it's gonna celebrate 20 years then what about:




Sounds iconic to me... or is that too basic? Am I that basic? :slowdown:


What would you guys like? 

So we'd have 

"Britney Jean"
and "Spears" ?????

And what's next?  "Jean"??? 

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Something that portrays her stardom, icon status and caliber on the pop music as the legend she is. 




"Heaven" (lol this sounds like a synonym for her Glory album)

well, those titles sounds like something Beyonce or someone full of her/himself would come up with, not Britney. :lostney:

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No more self title albums! If she did that, then she should do 1981. 

A better thought would be to have a song called 2007 and how she reclaimed her life! That would chart!

but in all honesty the album should have a theme. I want a theme like In The Zone.

and speaking of themes, what about heckle and jeckle? It’s all about different versions of yourself. 2007 could be a song, and then have something like Mood Ring!

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