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Stages- Limited Edition Copy


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Hey All, 

Was wondering if any of you knew much about the Stages documentary that was released as part of a special edition with the book and birthday poster? I just received a copy for my birthday that is numbered 10 out of 21 on a sticker with Washington, DC to commemorate her tour. This is supposedly a limited edition and is said to be hand signed by Britney herself. There is a signature on a Stages sticker on the inside cover of the book.  It is rumored that Britney signed 21 copies of this book to celebrate her 21st birthday but when I try to find any documentation on it, I can't find anything to document that she released a signed copy. I am planning on trying to have it authenticated by a company but thought that I would ask the experts on here first. The only thing that I have found similar to what I am referring to is a history of other numbered editions being sold online. Any information would be great. I would include pictures but I cant figure out how ;-/

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