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It's been 2 years...

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6 hours ago, Urbanney said:

...since one of her best and biggest performances since 2008:

Crazy how fast time is going. I feel like it's still 2016 tbh :brityeah:

That is mad.  2 YEARS!!! Wow...Time really does fly



Flawless performance loved it! :foh:

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4 hours ago, Kiiddy said:

One of my all time faves. 

While we may have had the underwhelming lead video for Make Me, this performance, the Slumber Party video and Glory album made up for it tbh.

2016 was an amazing year in my life, and a great year as a Britney fan tbh. I'll never forget:tysm:

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10 hours ago, soscary said:

This performance deserved a better setlist! I know EVERYBODY likes BOM and TOMH but none FF or Blackout hits? That was a big loss. And ILRR shouldnt be there either.

ILRR was one of the most awesome moments in the performance, why would she perform Blackout songs in a award show in detriment of her better commercially performing album ITZ, she has no good performances of any ff song and I'm glad we're past FF lmao

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I made my entire family watch it, not because I wanted them to watch but just because we only got one tv at my grandma's house lol

I remember the moment the WB lyrics started, I could literally palpate how nervous she was, so much I even felt something in my stomach lol how can we know her so well? :giggleney: my family was like, why do you say that? they didn't even notice. But then she kinda relaxed by the time Womanizer started.


I think she should've kept the coat a little bit longer, maybe just open it and reveal the bikini a little bit later in the performance. I think it was just a little bit weird that she performed Womanizer with that outfit, like, it doesn't really match. I remember we saw the sketch of the outfit a day before and if I'm not mistaken it was supposed to have three "phases" but it wasn't the Toxic garment she wore at the end, it was something else between the coat and the bikini.


It was nice that she performed album tracks so many years after they came out, or a forgotten single like ILRNR, that was totally unexpected, I mean not surprising 'cause it was POM 2.0, but if they told me 4 years ago that she would perform those songs in 2016 at an awards show, I would've never believed it. It was great, but I think that for the occasion the setlist should've been different:

  • Circus (to start with the hat)
  • Work *****
  • ...Baby One More Time / Oops!... I Did It Again
  • I'm a Slave 4 U / Breathe on Me
  • Gimme More (with the guitar)
  • Till the World Ends / Toxic
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