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My Conspiracy Theory [Allegedly]


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I think she’s naturally shy but I think when she was primeney she found that confidence. She’s was probably like all these people think I’m hot so i must be hot. And she definitely feels it in her performances.

i think her dark days kind of made her embarassed or ashamed. Maybe she feels awkward that she’s under a conservatorship and it made her lose a lot of confidence? 

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What do you mean with the Barbara reference? 

I’ve only watched the show a few times but I saw her say she was always like labeled a not smart kid and fought really hard to be successful to prove ppl wrong. Is that what u mean? 

Anyway I think it’s interesting that she is so shy and uses her career as a way to escape that instead of maybe just embracing it. She’d be surprised how many people could probably relate to her and even would love to support her for still being in the industry fighting against it. And it may in turn help her overcome it. Like she doesn’t have to do the fake confidence and **** thing to be a pop star these days. If anything it hurt her because we can all visibly see how uncomfortable and awkward she gets on stage. Ppl love vulnerability and authenticity more so now than ever before and I think maybe her label or team have told her it’s only one way to continue her brand. I hope she finds a way to just be herself without needing that layer to be successful 

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