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One of the biggest pet peeves we all share.

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Is throughout her career, during any televised live performance, it's enraging when they cut away from Britney as she dances into the chorus. They always cut away and show the audience, or a back up dancer instead.

Why? Why turn away from the most danciest (yes I made a word.) part of the song?!!!

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1 hour ago, joe sp said:

it´s annoying, and it happens more now than back in her prime even with music videos :byebitch:

I feel like the director cuts out any parts where her dancing is not up to par. Look at what happened with Work ***** - there are tons of scenes where it's just the backup dancers and not Britney herself dancing. If I remember correctly, when POM started, it was a LONG time before Britney actually did the floorography part correctly.

Other times, they'll cut out the choreography and replace it with Britney just posing.

Also sometimes there are so many cuts in a short amount of time I feel like I'm going to have a seizure TBH. That's especially apparent in Hold It Against Me.


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