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Anne-Marie releases 2002 mv and recreates BOMT video and outfit!!! Must watch

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I usually don't have anything against people making tribute or references to other artists / videos / movies but when it comes to Britney, I just can't be objective. It's always flattering to know your idol is and icon that gets referenced in today's music, but in this particular case, as someone said, the song is very lazy and too forced and completely senseless, like those songs referenced aren't even from 2002.

I don't hate the girl, I just hate the way the "tribute" was done. That Katy Perry-kind of comedy of it all, it's just :idgi: If it was like a serious tribute and really trying to recreate the BOMT choreo or something, but no, instead she's just getting hit by the dancers and she's just so dorky and clumsy throughout the video, like, omg that's so funny! britney_spears___hehehehehe__he____by_po:lowkeyno:


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