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Will the summer tour be uploaded to vevo?

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Instagram updated the comments sections and now it shows you the verified accounts comments first, i was just going through the comments on the video of britney working out getting ready for the pom tour

and the oficial vevo account commented


What’s the T???


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I don't think so, even tho i've heard (can't remember where, sorry guys) that her show in Denmark will be professional recorded and idk if you ever heard of the "Smukfest Festival" i did some researches and i found out that it's true that they record the concerts, infact if you search on YouTube: "Smukfest Denmark" you will find some full concerts, so we'll see... :saycheese::cutesybrit:

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i honestly would love for that to happen but it honestly would not work. they most likely are not changing much at all from the apple music festival which was just uploaded. it would make sense to have multiple videos of the same performance on her channel with a different outfit.

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