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Should Hold It Against Me be added to POM 2018 Summer Tour?

Should Hold It Against Me be added to POM 2018 Summer Tour?  

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Hold it against me always makes me sad.:ohdear:I really do like the song, when it came out it was super fresh and I remember the feeling when i first listened to it and saw the video. And then it hit #1 on billboard 100. It was truly a magical moment for a stan. :mcry:But then I watched the video again and again and again and time passed by and I started to realize that she was not okay. The moment i realized she was peaking on charts and did not even want to be in there.:wendycry: I hope someday she could perform all her old bops like born to make you happy and sometimes and hiam, as they are damn singles at least. :meltdown: 

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i doubt she would add it. she still doesn't do sometimes or born to make you happy. she decided to use i love rock n roll instead of my prerogative. she even took out 3. 

we can't get everything we want. she will most likely keep the same set list and just maybe add a buzz single if we are lucky. 

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1 hour ago, BKSTYL3 said:

If she's gonna do a dance break instead of sitting in the chair then yes otherwise no.:holduplisten:

I swear if she actually does the chair or some sit down routine. Like the Slave one in early POM. That was pitiful. 

I only hope that they give the show a good and worthwhile revamp. The 2016 revamp was so refreshing. They can definitely cut some stuff and put in old hits/faves or some Glory cuts. It is an international tour, she has to add some new stuff. 

Is she having the same dancers?   :rlynow:   :hibebe:   :yasqueen:

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 I don't know. I would replace Boys with it or even Work Myah (even if the performance is actually decent), but I'd rather her improve some of the tragic performances (Stronger / Crazy Satanic Medley, If U Seek Choreography, Riccus, Make Me (Dance Please) etc.) instead of adding new ones (and scrapping choreography one move at a time) 

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