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LOGO CHANGED! It's Old But New...


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1 hour ago, billyjb26 said:

Britney needs to fire her management and start hiring people from Exhale tbh. We'd give her the best logos, album and single covers, marketing plans, flattering outfits, good makeup artists... :smokney:

It always amazes me that fans can come up with much better artwork, single choices, promotion plans, performance ideas etc. than the paid professionals!!!

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3 hours ago, SlayOut said:

Exhale’s impact :orangu:

What did I miss? I did not log onto Exhale for 3 days and you all managed to scare the **** out of RCA or what? :juggingu:

(And what happened to the board's design? Now it looks like any basic forum.) :gloria:

Edit: okay, I have just read @breatheheavy's message about the new theme being only temporary. Thanks Godney! :tbh:

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I preferred the glittery text... you guys really need to chill out, we need hype.  This new font and baby pink does not stand out, just like the Glory album cover.  We need something that freaking POPS even if it is bubblegum as hell - Britney needs a successful era so we need to just deal with it.  We love her for being a FUN POP STAR so let her be fun. 

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