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How do you friends/family react to Britney's music?

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Has any of your friends or relatives who is not stan ever commented about Britney's music? I usually sneak some songs in party playlists or when we are driving with my friends and I'm the dj :tiffcackle: 

So far my friends have reacted to these songs:

  • literally everyone knows BOMT, SLAVE, OOPS... and Toxic and every time they are playing in party everyone is singing along or dancing :jamout:
  • If I play crazy or stronger i usually head someone talkin' how they haven't heard this in ages and it was their childhood:tysm:
  • my hardcore lesbian friend always goes crazy about sometimes, i wonder why... :tiffcackle:
  • I always get bashed if lucky plays because it's cringe-y but somehow INAGNYAW is okay even with male friends :rlynow:
  • 3 and break the ice is universally loved by my male friends :cackling: and all my gals seems to like Piece of me and gimme more :sendinglove:
  • I screamed when i played circus and my straightest friend randomly started to sing along  :omgreallyney:
  • My friends always ask me to play freakshow and get back when we are getting drunk :gloria:


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My mom likes Baby the best:britoverit:

My brother will make jokes at me for loving Britney but he's highered the volume for Toxic, POM, Slumber Party (which he said was a great song), Better and a few others. I know he likes Someday and Everytime too.

My GP friend who gets annoyed when I always play Britney freaks when Radar or Inside Out comes on. Those are her favorites lol

For the most part most of her music is universally liked amoung the people in my life. Some of them rag on me, but there's always at least that one song they can't help but jam too:bparty:

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Well, this is gonna take a long time to explain hahaa...(and this is not only about Britney music)

So my mom loves Britney (especially her perfume!!!!), she loves her music and her live performances! And yes, my mom totally supports the fact that I loveeeee Britney.  My dad...hm...he doesn't really have an opinion on it, it's just when I spend too much money on Britney items he gets a bit irritated hahahaha

My siblings also love Britney music (not as much as me), and my other family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.,) are pretty neutral about, although some of my cousins love her fragrances and love to dance to her music!

So, yes, I am still in school and my friends tease me about XD but do love Britney! And some people think I'm weird for liking her, but what's wrong with loving the one and only Britney Spears? UR FAV COULD NEVERRRRRR LMAO

So overall my friends and family love Britney music and BRITNEY SPEARS HERSELF!

Much love,


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