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How much do you think Blackout would have sold if Britney was at a better place at the time?

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14 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

I think it would sell less, I'm sure the breakdown was some nice publicity.. :useeingthis:

It actually sold 12,500,000 less copies than ITZ and 4,500,000 less than Circus, so I don't see how that's nice publicity, it technically flopped. :rlynow:

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If she was at a better place, she would've never released something like Blackout to begin with :mattafact:

But what do you mean by "better place" like, no scandals but still married with Kevin? Or still Justin's girlfriend? Her image started to decline even before 2007, when she was indeed at a better place, but ITZ sold less than Britney, and Britney sold less than OIDIA, and OIDIA less than BOMT, so any fifth album would've sold less than ITZ anyway.

But let's develop the hypothetical case. If she out of nowhere released Blackout after ITZ, no scandals, no breakdown, no divorce, and it had exactly the same songs and everything, probably we would've had videoclips and performances at Primeney level, but still the public would've seen her change in image and sound as radical, unexplainable, too forced, and in general bad, a bad example for the youth and the moral. 

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