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Best Songs To Workout To?


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19 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:

I was gonna say Work ***** :watrusayin:

What It's Like To Be Me is a fun one :shake: 

Scream & Shout for sure :shake:

Thank you! I never would've thought about WILTBM but now that you mention it, it'd be a great workout song!

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20 minutes ago, sea3chel said:


Some Circus and Femme Fatale. I never tried anything from BJ or Glory, although I'm sure a few from the latter would be awesome. 

I find Britney and her music very inspiring when it comes to giving me energy. :flawless:


Honestly, Britney Jean is great at hyping me and my friends up especially Work *****, ISBE, TIG, NTIFY

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Gimme More


Me Against The Music (Justice Extended Mix)

Toy Soldier

Big Fat Bass


What it''s like to be Me

Kill The Lights


Till The World Ends

(Drop Dead) Beautiful

Do Somethin

Chris Cox Megamix


(I Got That) Boom Boom

Work *****

It Should Be Easy

Till The World Ends (Femme Fatale Mix)

Til it's Gone

Can't Make You Love Me

Tik Tik Boom


That's my Britney workout playlist :hibebe:

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On my gym playlist I have:

Gimme More

Till the World Ends

I Wanna Go

Scream and Shout

Work *****

It Should Be Easy

Body Ache 

Til It’s Gone

I obviously need more lol but for my playlist I want really upbeat stuff that keeps me moving. 

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21 minutes ago, Sharkney said:

I’m a huge gym freak and these are my fav Britney jams that get me going:

My Prerogative 

Pretty Gorillas



Hold it against me

All Glory uptempos 

And obviously Work *****

It took me a hot second to remember Pretty Gorillas means Pretty Girls :quirkney:

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