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Best Britney collaboration?


Best Britney collab?  

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I love Boys, MATM, Slumber Party, and Boom Boom this is hard :ohdear: Oh and the posts above made me realize I have no idea what the Bangerz song sounds like because I must have only listened to it once and probably not even in full :tiffcackle: 


I voted for Slumber Party cuz I thought it might be lonely and not have any votes and I was right :awww:

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18 minutes ago, MrLovett said:

I love her too and Bangerz (album) was amazing but the song with Britney is one of the worst songs (if not the worst) on the album tbh :nicki2: 

I strongly disagree. Any song that contains the sentence "they ask me how I keep a man. I keep a battery pack" is f**king brilliant in my book and will always be my fave. I still laugh whenever I hear it, but each to their own I guess. In fact Miley's whole verse is awesome. However Britney's verse is just nonsense words strung together as far as I can tell. 

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