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I was actually working on a topic on this subject a while ago but never finished it. Here's my idea: She's been doing the same act for 20 years now TBH - it's getting stale. Also, she hasn't really had a big hit since 2012, and even that was a feature. So I was thinking, when was the last time she truly had an iconic performance? The most recent one that comes to mind is the 2007 VMAs, and obviously that was for all the wrong reasons. :mattafact: 

So let's say Britney wakes up one day, decides that she cares about her career again, and wants to make a BIG comeback that will get people talking for all the RIGHT reasons. This is what she should do:

Britney shaves her head completely bald again IN SECRET. There can be no paparazzi photos or videos revealing that she's bald again. She then reserves a slot to perform on a nationally televised awards show (VMAs or Grammys?). On the red carpet, she wears a realistic wig such as this one, or even something better:


She is dressed in pants and shirt or even a crop top, a la In The Zone era:


She starts the performance singing a stripped down version of My Prerogative, either with live vocals or prerecorded. After the first chorus, she stops singing, rips off her wig and throws it into the crowd, and says, "It's Britney, *****."


Then her new uptempo single starts playing, and she immediately starts performing choreography on the level of the Mannequin rehearsal video choreography. Also, the choreographer has incorporated an umbrella into the routine (as a reference to her 2007 breakdown),  a la Rihanna in Umbrella, or Madonna in Me Against the Music:


This would DEFINITELY be the highlight of the whole night. People would be talking about it for a LONG time. And I think that this would actually be GOOD for her image, believe it or not. Instead of pretending that her breakdown never happened, in one nationally televised performance, she says to the world: "Yeah, I'm crazy. Is there a problem with that?" :queenflopga: I think people would respect that. Also, her new single would probably blow up on the charts, if it was decent enough.

















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