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I want Dave Meyers for her next mv

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Him (I liked Ariana's video), Joseph Kahn or the one that directed Slumber Party... Oh well, anyone is better than Randee :tiffcackle:

1 hour ago, naturalplayboy said:

the start with the camera going through the window was very boys music video.

Me too! I had to watch Boys mv after that :bgrin:

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He's pretty good...I didn't love radar or the new one from Ariana(nice visuals but underwhelming).


Joseph Kahn in my opinion is truly one of the dopest out there. He gets Britney and his music videos are so cinematic and great quality.


also, the guy who did slumber party is a really good director 


i think a Joseph Kahn video and Wade Robinson choreography...**** would be insane 

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12 hours ago, Goku said:

it doesn't matter who is the director if they don't want to invest MONEY :rlynow:

for Make Me (scrapped video) they used the same set / props from Work from home 


King of recycling Larry :yasqueen: All the artists he manages tend to end up sharing things :sofedup:

It doesn't matter who she uses, she needs to be willing to take risks again. I can think of so many amazing videos that cost less than the Make Me video we ended up with. Plus there was nothing wrong with the Perfume video. Kahn shot the footage, but whoever scrapped it at the end. Theres no excuses for the Make Me video. She couldve laid on her own bed and sang into the camera and it would've been better. 


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