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What happened to this??!


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Despite having released her own mobile game "Britney Spears: American Dream" in May, the pop star also plans on bringing fans one step closer towards her ever-so-average Instagram-worthy lifestyle. "With my app that I'm coming out with soon, there's a lot of skits and a lot of interaction with the fans where I actually ask them questions and bring them into the situation so we can have some kind of connection going on," she explained.

That was September, 2016, it's been too long, she said soon :yasqueen:

Even that got scrapped :yasqueen:

What will be the next thing that just didn't work, Larry? :yasqueen:

Britney herself? :yasqueen:

What did we ever do to you  :yasqueen:

I f**king love this gif :yasqueen:

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3 hours ago, Herumbra said:

Gaga also had a nice app for the ARTPOP era, where she wanted to connect fans and stream exclusive songs and vídeos and much more.

It was released but it was scrapped some months after. So i guess its harder to maintain a app than we thought

The ARTPOP app was actually pretty cool. But Gaga severed ties with many people in her team at the time which lead to the app being abandoned. 

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