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Britney Socks On Firebox

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lol the description is perfect


What better way to honour the unproblematic recovery queen Britney Spears than with these fabulous socks? Pictured here in fabric form sporting her iconic Baby One More Time look, the **** songstress is back to improve your footwear game with her beautiful 90s grin. 

Guaranteed to brighten every dark morning when you just don't want to get to work, *****. 

Whatever you wear them with, the looks you serve are guaranteed to be stronger than yesterday. 

* The most fitting tribute to iconic pop legend Britney Spears
* Theyre not polyester, but not yet cotton (it's a super soft blend)
* One size fits most 
* Unisex: Britney doesn't have time for gender-segregated hosiery
* Sock it to the Britney haters - as if anybody could hate her though




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