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Did the KENZO campaign further Britneys career?

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I was literally just wondering what ever came about with this. It seems like it had more hype after the images leaked, but the campaign seems like such a non-event. Did the campaign launch? Like, where? I'm normally 10000000% in support of Team Britney, but this seems like either a wasted opportunity or just an overall snooze. What a bummer bc this could've been amazing...not just faded and cool. 

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I dont see how people dont think this is a huge deal. 

Britney hasn't had an endorsement deal in forever, let alone for a high fashion brand. This is huge for her, people are commenting she looks hot, and she's on the side of the louvre. This is great exposure. 

Do we literally have to complain about absolutely everything?

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Becoming the face of a KENZO fashion line is definitely a step in the right direction; it shows off a cooler side to Britney and more upmarket which can only be a good thing for her image in the long-run. 

Budget no more. It’s high class Britney. And about bloody time.

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2 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:


Image result for beyonce photoshopBritney-Spears-Before-After-Photoshop.jpg

The Lady Gaga photo just shows her being slimmed down to the point of looking unrealistic, but her face still looks like Lady Gaga to me.

The Beyonce picture just had the wrinkles and blemishes removed, nothing new here.

The Britney comparison is obviously two separate photos (different angles), and again, it still looks like Britney, just without any wrinkles.


One thing that all three comparisons have in common is that they made the models look BETTER. Kenzo gave Britney a huge mouth and large chin in the picture I posted. Why??? She didn't need it. If I saw that picture without knowing it was Britney ahead of time, I would definitely not recognize her. Such a mess. What is the point of hiring an A-list celebrity if they are photoshopped beyond recognition? :nyheadache: 

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