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Blackout could've went diamond

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no it couldnt have. the market for albums was already in steep decline by 07, and shipping over 10 MILLION copies in the us alone is not easy, even before the market began to tank. blackout didnt even sell close to 10 million worldwide. it takes an absolute phenomenon to sell that many copies, it took BOMT and Oops several years to reach diamond, and they were massive sellers. besides, britney simply didnt have the universal appeal that it wouldve required to go diamond by 2007, she wouldnt have even if the breakdown wouldnt have happened. however, if the album had been promoted more and her image wouldnt have been in such a state, it could have gone multi platinum. it wouldve been difficult though, as britney had by then become more of a singles artist, like most artists at the time. 

i also dont blame billboard for blocking BO going to #1. the rule was going to be changed eventually anyway, and the eagles are such massive sellers, it made sense to change it when they released a greatest hits. really, we should blame the leaks, because that pushed blackout's release up, it couldve gone number one a couple of weeks later. and while it does suck her #1 streak got broken, she had her biggest opening week since oops a year later. plus, the album will always be recognized as one of the best and most influential pop albums, so theres that. 

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