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Britney for the Oscars?????


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Do you guys think that it's ever possible for Britney to be in a BIIIG movie soundtrack and maybe even get an Oscar for it??? Or it's just never gonna happen?!?! Idk, I feel like Britney has always been so big, but yet her songs never really made it to the movies, at least not the big and good ones... The only one that I can think of that could have been "big" was Outrageous for the Catwoman movie, but you all know the end of this story and the movie was kind of a flop anyways... What song could have been a good movie soundtrack song?

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It's kind of 50/50 with Team B but I think would be amazing!! 

I've always wondered why they never did a remix of Breathe On Me for the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, kind of like how the re-did Crazy In Love.

Britney would've been perfect, she has a unique **** voice and we all know how much she loves to sing about *** and relationships!

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They don’t take her current music career seriously now.

It was always my dream for her to do the bond theme. 

Honestly I don’t see it happening. The drive isn’t there.

It’s sad seeing Gaga doing songs and Beyoncé doing the lion king soundtrack and getting critical acclaim. It’s what it is. 

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