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40 minutes ago, billyjb26 said:

Because people don't want to accept that this is what she looks like now:


Image result for britney spears beauty awards 2018

If you cover any part of her face with your finger, it still looks bad :omg:

Cover her eyes, mouth and mouth lines look bad, cover her mouth eyes look old, you get the idea...

She looked so amazing and youthful at the start of the glory era... And that was only last year.

She needs to stop making herself look aged. Cause she DOES NOT look as bad as these pictures.

Im I'm my twenties and I took a pic today and shuffled through various filters and some of them made me look late 30s because the differences in light etc... 

She needs a glam squad who knows what they're doing! 

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Tbh tho the still pic from the video looks like another date from the asian tour... She truly DID look like that and looked beyond amazing on stage and m&gs, she also looked absolutely amazing in the UK promo dates. Im starting to think the US has some really flop makeup and stylists who dont really know what they're doing.

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