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I know people here aren't fond of K-Pop but check this out:

she also skips lines which allows her to take a breather while still doing choreography.. but the difference is that she doesn't try to hide the fact that she isn't singing some lines, she doesn't even try to lipsync to them, she keeps her mouth shut yet her stage presence is still amazing.. :unbothered:

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3 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

That's what every singer does. Beyonce is the best example. She interacts a lot with the audience and gives some live ad libs. The rest are all pre-recorded vocals. I don't understand why can't Britney do the same thing (it would still be lipsynching though, at least she's not fooling anyone) 

It has to be because she really believes we think she sings live so she doesnt want reveal the illusion:slowdown:

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