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Britney mentioned on Dynasty (TV Series), AGAIN.

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First thread's here that Britney was mentioned: 


And on the latest episode, the main female char was having a (kind of) public breakdown and going through a troubled marriage. And then the footage of her attacking her ex-husband in the elevator goes viral.

And then she says:
"They are compairing me to 2007 Britney. I mean i can not even get Solange."


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On 24.03.2018 at 6:48 PM, 3Pney said:

i think its because the elevator thing happened in Dynasty. solange attacked jayz in the elevator :unbothered:

I know, but still Solange's case is less relevant, Chris had bigger impact on media with his messy outburst.:holduplisten:  That's why I'm surprised by that whining.

 Maybe it would make more sense if I've watched that episode,but I doubt it. :ohreallylol:

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