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Make me is damn seriously her best song since 2007


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i'm all in for britney to work with BURNS again for B10 because make got me like this

Resultado de imagen para britney make me original video gif


i bet if it was someone else's  song it would have been a massive hit

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I love make me and I'm here for her working with Burns again but I wamt something more uptempo from her. Even if it was a collab single with calvin harris/farell then a follow up to glory. I would be happy with that :tysm:

She needs a new smash for the tour/residency anyway so I'm sure we'll get one 



I think we might get urbaney for b10 after this kenzo deal. Glory with harsher beats and attitude would be perfection. I'm here for it :brityes:

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I really love the song. It's my most played song on iTunes and that says a lot. :crying1: I just think it was a very different way for Britney but still it had Britney plastered all over it, which sounds paradoxal but she made it work. The lyrics are great, I loved her voice, the instrumental is pure heaven and I really loved G-Eazy's part cause it wasn't pretentious and too "I'm a rap badass, so let's just put a lot of curse words into a song for no reason".

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 ITS amazing.... its my favorite... I listen to it everyday.. and it puts me in a perfect mood.. ethereal... relax... give me peace..


fri day...I, dreaming mile ... love those ... :tysm::carpoolney:

and hiding away from this tonight... this tonight... 


its amazing !  In fact I'm going to hear it right now..

the problem like everyone know.. was the video... and the VMAS performance... 

the video it's horrible... if instead we had the original video make me would have been an amazing single, and an iconic video.. but " just didn't work"


now only a few can enjoy the perfection of make me.. 

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