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huffington post: Britney Spears’ Greatest Cultural Contribution Is Her Instagram Account


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Umm, I think that's a stretch. :madonna:

Britney Spears is a LEGEND, who had nonstop media coverage for 10 full years. From inspiring the wave of "Britney clones" Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, etc and the "anti-Britneys" Pink and Avril Lavigne in the 90s and 2000s, to inspiring cover after cover of her classic hits, to dishing out iconic performance after iconic performance, the infamous epic public breakdown, the iconic head shaving (that actually inspired other people to shave their heads), the infamous 2007 VMAs performance, singlehandedly fueling the jobs of dozens of paparazzi and bloggers, giving the magazines literally hundreds of front page stories for over a year, giving us the creation of that "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" guy, to making an awesome comeback with a #1 hit single and a top 5 hit single, selling 500k copies of Circus in the first week, and going on one of the most profitable female artist' world tours of all time. Did I miss anything? :ineedthetruth: 

But yeah, her random googled memes and runway walks with shocked faces is her biggest cultural contribution. :tiffcackle: 

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1 hour ago, The_Original_Toy said:

yeah...huffington post is full of ******* :ohdear:


1 hour ago, breaktheiceofmrv said:

Eww :squintney:

Seriously eww :weirdmeout:



41 minutes ago, Isla. said:

Erm wtf...



well.. :quirkney:

It seem that for Priscilla Frank, art connoisseur from Huffingtonpost, Brit's instagram is like

breath of fresh air :NYcackle:

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7 hours ago, --- said:

it's artwork from a book the author purchased.

I knew that, that's why I named her art connoisseur...
For me it looks like someone ask her to write a piece about Britney's account, but author wasn't pleased with that topic, so it shows for me in slightly condescending manner of it. 
I must do some more snooping  :yesokay: :gross:around that particular book... Why adult from that image is acting like 2 year old kid? Is he drunk, is he mentaly challenged? Or have no boundaries? Artsy fartsy.:ohcrap:

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