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Can we really consider her a legend after one more succesful era?

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i mean critics says madonna became legend in confessions on a dance floor era it means 22 years after her career. hung up was global hit and the album sold 10 million copies around the world, you know it's not east to be legend, she is an icon but i don't think she is respected enough to be a legend so maybe if b10 era will give us #1, good performances and visuals, this can improve her legacy.

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I definitely agree that a really successful era will gain her a lot more respect in the eyes of the average person. She is already a lightweight legend/heavyweight icon. Whereas Madonna is a heavyweight legend. If Britney has 2 successful era’s in the next 5 years, a couple of number ones, 5 or so worldwide hits and two great tours then she’ll definitely be up there with Madonna :unbothered:

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What the heck with these folks saying she isn’t considered a legend in the eyes of the GP? Like do you seriously judge status base on the media? 

The GP already sees her as a legend, so many of today’s artists see her as an inspiration, her music still has an effect on people, she still brings in crowds to her shows, its been 20 years and she’s still standing.

Madonna has already cemented her status as an icon long before confessions and she too still rides on her past achievements because no one really cares about her anymore yet people here think she’s relevant yet why she’s transitioning to making films instead of putting out more albums? 


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Britney is def a legend already. She ushered in the late 90s pop and made a lasting mark that influences today’s generation still. It’s that status alone that lets her skate by doing mediocre performances for 10 years lol. If she weren’t already a legend, no one would be paying for a tour with 18 year old vocals, no new CD, etc.

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Bash Britney sells more that praise her , that's why the media is cruel with her... eventually with her new low-key profile this is being outdated .... Aside from this she's a true legend probably her Mark status was Blackout. 

Anyways I thought Madonna reach the legend status with the Blonde Ambition Tour. 

As I always says we underestimate her and we don't deserve her, when she will go we will understand how much she was .... like Michael Jackson nobody remembers how much media throw shut against him for more that a decade, and just in the moment of her dead they stopped and started to praise everything , is the hypocrisy of the business

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