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Hypothetical question: what would Primeney say or think about Currentney?

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interesting question. 

she’d be happy about her kids and yeah her balance in her life but i think she’d be shocked about her new look (surgeries) and performances, she would be sad about her new personality because she is energic, cherful young woman and now britney’s personality is destroyed by paps and media so if she had known her breakdown also, she’d quit from music industry forever.

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24 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet *** said:

"Why does she use so much photoshop?"

"What happened to her lips/nose/cheeks?" 

"Where's the choreo?"

"Why doesn't she have hits any more?" 


   AND I'm sure she will be like... what the **** happened with Britney jean ?

and with make me,  glory cover etc...

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Britney is not the type of person who starts criticizing others or themselves. She is empathetic as **** and im sure she would understand what was waiting for her and maybe saying 'ok i will try to prevent that from happening to me' and maybe start being more guarded earlier, looking at people that would surround her more wisely.

She said in FTR she does not like ppl who feel pity for themselves, she likes to be optimistic and go on.

And thats pretty much it cause after all she won this war and achieved what she wanted in life. She does not care of being number 1 guys. If that was her priority she would have released mm original video, sue would chose to be controversial, show her **** or whatever that selled. She does not. She does have a pop and lucrative career but choosing things that she feels respect her kids and allow her to be guarded and with her family 

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