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I think my favorite live performance is when she did Someday


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She just looked beautiful and just killed it on stage



That heartfelt moment when she talked about her pregnancy and her newborn son at the time


Those christina-who riffs


When she had to turn around because she got emotional while singing


Just the overall raw feel while she performed 



You can't also deny the fans in the audience loving it



No wonder she won 8 Grammys that year for the song

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2 hours ago, Dark.Knight said:

finally somebody who acknowledges this underrated performance :kyliecry:

it was cute when they showed on the screens the picture with her son at the end


 Yes it was beautiful... 

but my favorite moment... was when Kevin joined her and sang the last chorus of someday with her... 

happy family :yasqueen:

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29 minutes ago, Paulino999 said:

  Yes! I was so exited to watch it ! 


I remember being shocked when  shar Jackson and Justin Timberlake try to get in to the stage to sabotage the performance ... thank Larry stop them ...

I know right!

and the 'backstage' scenes after that happening


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