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OMG someone just released the best pop song in centuries and I WISH it was Britney’s


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OMG I got goosebumps listening to this song. This is exactly what I wish Britney would come out with. Its that perfect pop song that’s catchy and different at the same time. This is simply brilliant from the first chorus til the end! Everyone check it out NOW! I can only imagine Britney nailing 2:07! And the breakdown! Anyone else heard this song and is in love?


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1 minute ago, Dirk said:

I'm imagining her singing it, it would be epic :yasqueen:


This part

Tippy two, tippy tea, tippy ta-ta-tongue

(I think I love you)
Tip of my tongue
Licky you, licky me, licky luh-luh-love
(I think I love you)
Love's on your tongue

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