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When was the first time Britney made you feel **** feelings?

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I was commenting in another post and it got me to write this one lol. When I was a kid, I loved Britney and always wanted to be like her.  I even got my parents to make me do gymnastics because of her doing backflips in BOMT.  Then Sometimes came I loved her even more.  But then I remember one night, I stayed up late and watched tv and randomly saw the premiere of Crazy (back then it was just released without any hype like we get today).  I was so excited, because it was so cool and catchy and colourful. But I remember thinking omg this is so different than her previous 2 videos, it's so ****... I feel like I'll get in trouble for watching this lol.  And then I remember this scene:


And I was like OMG... because it's the first time she really showed real cleavage in a MV, and this was the first time I felt **** feelings.  Like omg I can't wait for my body to look like that some day lol.

When was the first time Britney made you feel **** feelings? :P 

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I remember vividly how I had so many fantasies after seeing the Toxic video... Maybe I was too young before then, but that was definitely like a ****** awakening for me. Seeing her touch a mans wet lap, her rubbing her butt on his ****, the making out, her visible panties under the uniform, etc etc :lollistare:

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I was in love with her Stronger look, but I wouldn't call it "feeling **** things" since I was 7. But I definitely was in love with her.

I think when I did start to feel like "damn I think I shouldn't be watching this" was with Toxic, the nude-covered-in-diamonds scene and then My Prerogative, the bed scenes. And DS when she's wearing panties and that hello kitty necklace. 



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