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Womanizer laughing at Will and Grace joke


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Britney’s womanizer (live performances) was watching Will and Grace in his insta story.

He records the line about being as confused as Britney on stage in Vegas and you could hear him laughing.

Thoughts?? I mean there are moments when Britney does look confused as **** but do you think he should be laughing at this? Especially when dancing for Britney was his big break? (I believe I read something about being the womanizer being a big break for him)

disrespectful or he can laugh at whatever the **** he wants to or he can laugh but shouldn’t post it?


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Just now, Dollanganger said:

Well, it's a joke obviously meant to generate a laugh. :rlynow:

Comedy is supposed to take jabs at people and it wasn't about her personal life. If he laughed at her, well obviously she's still relevant that the joke manages to be current and not something from the 90's. 

will & grace is funny? since when? :tiffcackle:

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1 hour ago, brintyjoan said:

I dont get it :rlynow: i dont see anything about Will & Grace

It’s in his insta story. Jack delivers the line “almost as confused as Britney in her Vegas show”

the dancer Jose posted himself laughing at the joke as if he agrees. He currently dances for Jlos residency.

i was just wondering if this could be seen as disrespectful since Britney gave him his big break.

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