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she needs to bring back this hair tbh


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18 minutes ago, brinty.spreas said:




9 minutes ago, DignifiedLove said:

That hairstyle looked decent, but a little too messy for my liking. Her hair in 2001/2002 was absolutely gorgeous when she'd style it like this. 




bring all of them! I´m tired of boring straight hair

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4 minutes ago, Britman512 said:

Is that her real hair/weave/wig if its a wig/ weave  it looks damn good and she should find it  put it on and never take it off

Maybe a combination of both: real hair and hair extensions. 

This haircut is perfect because it's completely straight and long enough to manage on stage while performing, plus it makes her look younger than those weavy hairstyles she never gets tired of. 

Dont know how much I hate this:



... to long, too heavy too much of a mess, so it ends up looking like a dead rat on her head:


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