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Thoughts on "Just Luv Me"?


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When I heard the snippet I thought it was amazing, then when the album came out I thought it was "okay" compared to some other songs. But a year later I think it's one of my favorites off the album. The instrumental is beautiful tbh 

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I really like JLM however simple it is. I don't think it's single material because there's nothing particularly memorable about it. I just like it. But I do hate that they included Just Like Me as a song title. It sorta ruined the tracklist :imok:


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I like how mature the lyrics are, i mean:

"If you think that I'm saying that because I'm high maintenance
Like I'm trying to mask every problem that I'm facing
Well you're wrong 'cause I don't need nobody when I'm breaking
All I need is your love and a little bit of patience"

i can't believe it's britney's song. Cause its so deep... you know?

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