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Hold It Against Me is POP PERFECTION.


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i'm TIRED of HIAM being thrown under the bus because it truly is one of, if not, the most underrated pop song of the decade.The track is old school Britney meets Currentney and it's honestly a pop masterpiece with a PRODUCTION that is out of this world. Her best song this decade, period and I just want to take some time to appreciate the masterpiece that it is. :kyliecry:

Also, hearing the hidden vocals/instrumentals is a trip. Max Martin really  is THAT producer. :kyliecry:

19:45 is EUPHORIC btw. :kyliecry:


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I truly love that song and i agree that people didn't appreciate the song. It has a strong beat and nice lyrics.. not even mention the PERFECT break-down. Even if you're not a fan of the song.. you have to admit that it has a Killer break-down

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27 minutes ago, Sharkney said:

Great song, crap video. All the product placement turned me off from the song at first, but after I stopped watching the video HIAM shined brightly like the hit that it was :carpoolney:

It requires genuine taste in order to appreciate the genius behind the HIAM video. But no seriously the video is a masterpiece and her best this decade. I'm getting really tired of some of y'all fans slandering it and thinking it's ok to get away with it. :sobbing:

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The video was iconic for me.. especially the scene where we see old Britney videos on televisions,  the fight scene with herself.. and the high heel shoe sound.. maybe some people didn't like it cuz she did A LOT OF promo for this video and that made our expectation very High!  (remember the countdown videos she gave us everyday.. we were having like 2-3  seconds sneak peak of the video)..  i mean even though it was not her best video.. it was nice that she (or her team) was promoting something.. giving us something to get excited! i miss that!

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