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6 hours ago, Kiiddy said:

Kris wtf tbh?!

The video isn't even available, which quite frankly I find rather disorganised and disrespectful of you. You need to sort it out tbh.


That's what you get for living in the U.K. :rlynow:

On 24/02/2018 at 7:34 PM, BoyToySoldier said:

It does sound like piss :yasqueen:

It’s pierce tho :indulge:

I know it's pierce. My friend pointed it out to me a week or two ago. :imok:

5 hours ago, Oliver T said:

I would give my two kidneys to Brit for that song to be performed during the POM tour :crying3: 

Don't worry, you'll see it in a dream within a dream. 

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